Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms

What are the Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms? Some of these bacterial infection can be cured with home remedies like changing your daily diet ingredients, applying frequent hygienic measures and better controlling unprotected intercourse. Here are several natural options to get rid of vaginosis infection to try before relying on industrialized drugs:

Vaginosis bacteria is a type of infectious inflammation caused by the overgrowth of bacteria naturally found in the women reproductive organ, which upsets the natural balance. Women in their reproductive age are most likely to get bacterial vaginitis, but it can affect women of any age. The cause isn’t completely understood, but certain activities, such as unprotected intercourse or frequent douching, can increase the risk.

The infection can be aggravating for the more than 10 million women around the world who suffer from it each year. The condition, triggered by bacterial overgrowth, is common in women 15 to 44 and can lead to white smelly discharge, itchiness, burning, and a “fishy” odor. If left untreated, disease can increase your vulnerability to STI.

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