Cloud bread: The latest foodie trend that’s taking over our social media feeds

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Forget banana bread or that good sourdough technique you’ve been perfecting these last few months, as there’s a new bread trend on the block.

Cloud bread, also sometimes known as “Oopsie Bread”, has been around for years and originated as an alternative to wheat bread in the Keto diet, but a recent resurgence on social media app TikTok has brought the dangerously easy bake back into the limelight.

Making it is easy as the most basic of recipes, such as this one below by Tasty, involves only three ingredients – eggs, cream of tartar and cream cheese.

Other recipes involve using food dye, cornstarch, vanilla extract and even crushed biscuits so the bread can be made sweet or savoury and to suit every taste.

I even gave it a go myself and have some top tips to share: if you’re mixing egg whites with cream of tartar, don’t overdo the tartar and don’t start whisking if there is any egg yolk mixed in with the whites. You also don’t need to have an electric whisk as a hand whisk will do just fine. I would also recommend adding an extra ingredient for more flavour, be it some seeds, herbs or garlic powder if you want it savoury, or some sugar or vanilla essence if you want it sweet.

Making cloud bread is a great way to get the kids involved in baking and the bread itself can be used in sandwiches, as burger buns, as pizza bases or even just as a sweet treat on their own.

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Cloud Bread French Toast

My adaption to the original cloud bread recipe makes this low carb bread even better AND makes for the fluffiest French Toast! (OOOPS! Mistake in my video, just omit the garlic and onion powder which is used only for the savory loaf)Full printable recipe:

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Cloud bread

Low carb and gluten free bread that tastes like heaven? Must be Cloud bread! ☁️🍞FULL RECIPE:

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