Effective home remedies to deal with this condition

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Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes the immune system to over-produce skin cells. For people suffering from this condition, thick, red, scaly, itchy plaques are a common occurrence. This condition can take a toll on a person’s overall quality of life. According to researchers of the Psoriasis Research Unit at Baylor Research Institute in Dallas, there is a need for psoriasis to be viewed as a serious disease affecting the whole body with significant quality of life issues. They say that, in the past, psoriasis was viewed primarily as a cosmetic nuisance that was not thought to extend beyond the obvious plaques apparent on the skin. But with the discovery of multiple genes related to this condition, a better understanding of the immune system responses involved in this disease, and the frequent associations with other serious diseases, it is now clear that psoriasis is a much more complex disease that demands continual monitoring and evaluation by a dermatologist. Also Read – 5 effective home remedies to treat psoriasis

This is a debilitating condition, no doubt. But you can deal with the symptoms on your own with a few home remedies. Also Read – People with psoriasis can also get joint disease: The connection explained

Aloe vera

This is one of the best natural remedies against psoriasis inflammation. Many experts have conducted research on this subject.  Scientists say that application of aloe vera gel can reduce the redness and scaling that comes with psoriasis. You can buy this gel from the market or you can take a fresh aloe vera leaf and take out the get. Just slice the leave and scrap the gel off. Apply this to the affected area daily. Also Read – Lupus rashes harbour high levels of bacterial infections

Apple cider vinegar

This can help you get relief from scalp itch, which is so common in people suffering from psoriasis. Go for the organic variety and apply it to your scalp daily. You may dilute the apple cider vinegar with a little water in case it stings. But if your scalp is cracked or bleeding, avoid this treatment as it can make matters worse.


Capsaicin is a substance present in chili peppers. This gives chillies their favour and makes them spicy. If you add this to ointments, it can block nerve endings that transmit pain. It can also help reduce inflammation, redness and scaling. But be careful. It can burn people who have sensitive skin. It is best to consult a doctor before using this.

Epsom salts

This can help you get rid of scales and reduce the itching that comes with psoriasis. Just add some to warm water and soaking in it for 15 minutes or so. But sometimes, this can cause dry skin. So be sure to apply a moisturizer after your bath.

Tea tree oil

This has antiseptic properties that can heal skin related issues. You can use a shampoo that contains tea tree oil to get relief from scalp psoriasis. You can also add a few drops to your bath water. But do an allergic test first. Some people are sensitive to this oil.


This spice has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Curcumin in turmeric is known to alter gene expression. This can reduce flare-ups. Just add it to your daily food. You can also have a one-inch piece of raw turmeric every morning.

Published : July 30, 2020 5:03 pm

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