November 27, 2020

Low Carb Diet VS Keto Diet: Which Is Better For You?

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Which diet is better for you: Low Carb Diet OR Keto Diet?

Low Carb Diet VS Keto Diet: Which Is Better For You?” class=”lazy img-responsive” data-src=”×518.jpg” alt=”Low Carb Diet VS Keto Diet: Which Is Better For You?”/>

A low-carb diet involves more intake of carbs and protein, while a keto diet includes less than 5% of carbs. Low-carb and Keto diet are both good at boosting the process of weight loss. In the state of ketosis, you tend to feel less hungry. Foods in keto diet help to maintain muscle mass as well.

Limiting your carb intake as low as 20 gms in a day is one of the most important steps to a keto diet. A low-carb diet also requires you to limit your carbs but it involves more protein intake than keto diet. A low carb diet involves 20% carb, 40% protein and 40% will be fat. The body does not enter the state of ketosis in a low carb diet.

Less than 5% of your calories will come from carbs, in a keto diet and makes the body enter a state of ketosis. Almost 70% of the food includes high-fat foods, 25% high protein foods and only 5% include carbs. Some people may go better with keto diet.

Keto and low-carb both are low-carbohydrate diets. Both diets can help with blood pressure, heart disease. But it depends on your goals whether a keto or low-carb may be better for you.

Keto diet is good for-
1. Weight loss.
2. Stable energy and blood sugar.
3. Decreasing inflammation.
4. Endurance athletes.

Low-carb diet is good for-
1. Non-endurance athletes.
2. Stable energy and blood sugar.
3. Being more relaxed with your diet.

Many types of research have concluded that low-carb diets can be helpful to faster weight loss in the short-term.

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