Natural Health Concepts

What is Natural Health Concepts? The aim of natural health or Complementary and Alternative Medicine is to improve health and address illness in people of all ages; it is the art, science, and practice of disease diagnosis and treatment, and prevention of illness, using natural therapies and medicines.

Why do people prefer natural remedies to modern medicine?
For centuries, people have turned to natural remedies to fight common ailments such as colds, upset stomachs, headache, toothaches and even infectious diseases.

This trend continues because natural healthcare works effectively. Nearly 4 out of 10 adults in western countries have used some form of alternative remedy, according to the most recent reports but in Asian and African countries the figures are higher.

The use of natural health solutions by native people is about 100%, not only in countryside but also in metropolitan centers.
Natural Health is becoming very popular because of the growing disillusionment with drugs and conventional medicine concern over the practices of multimillionaire pharmaceutical industry and their biased research methods.
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